NUHS Professional Opportunities: 124

As a National Alumnus, we want to support your success. Take advantage of the networking and professional resources below.

Advertisements must be turned in by noon on Friday. Advertisements are $15 each and must be 75 words or less. Additional 25 words are $5. Total of 3 pictures included in fee and additional pictures are $2 each. Advertisements are posted every Monday. Advertisements run for 90 days on our website as well as a paper copy placed in our Learning Resource Center, Intern Lounge, Campus Store Student Lounge, and Student Services Office.

If interested in placing an advertisement, please download our user friendly form.
Download file "NUHS Advertisement Form.pdf"

Advertisements may be sent in via fax (630-889-6600), email (, or mail. If sending by mail, please address the envelope as follows:

National University of Health Sciences
Attention: Christie Duppler
200 E. Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, IL 60148

If you have submitted an advertisement, please call to confirm receipt of ad.

Do you need assistance in writing an advertisement description? Please look at current listings or click on the 'Advertisement Samples' link provided. Advertisement Samples

We value your opinion! Please fill out our questionnaire about your experience with National's ad posting service. Download file "Ad Posting Questionnaire.pdf"

If you have questions or comments, please contact Christie Duppler by email at or via phone at 630-889-6615.

It is the policy of National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) to provide a service to doctors of Chiropractic medicine and others who in the sole determination of NUHS meet the criteria for ad placement, by placing professional advertisements on the NUHS web site under the section called "Professional Opportunities." The purpose for providing this service is to assist graduates in their process of locating ethical, legitimate opportunities for practice, whether through association, purchase, or independent contractor status. NUHS reserves the right to reject any ad that it feels will not be in the best interests of its students or its graduates and also reserves the right to discontinue any ad for the same reasons. Fees for placement of ads on the NUHS web site will be established from time to time and will be published on the site. A professional ad will appear for a period of 90 days before renewal is required unless the university determines, under this policy that it chooses not to run the ad or to remove it.